The IUI Incremental Approach ensures that the proper foundations are in place to build an enduring solution. It assures long term growth through the awesome power of an intelligent enterprise.

A vital component of this approach is the mentoring and practical knowledge transfer necessary to sustain the solution. IUI consultants share their experience with your team as they jointly develop a strategy based upon sound tactics. Collaborative development ensures that the solution survives the test of time. Effective BI solutions aren’t built and delivered. They are nurtured over time.


IUI has worked with companies ranging in size from small local companies to the top tier of the Fortune 100. Large or small, they all have one thing in common – Results.

The value of your new information asset isn't realized until information is used to improve a process and impact your bottom line. The IUI methodology achieves maximum ROI by comparing actual benefits to projected benefits.

The IUI results driven philosophy can work for you too. Give us the opportunity to discuss your needs. Choose IUI when you're ready to get the job done.


Building a solution that stands the test of time often means asking the tough questions. Challenges of political viability will confront the most effective solutions. A cookie cutter approach to information management that doesn’t account for the idiosyncrasies of your business is at best doomed to mediocrity. At worst a lot of money and political capital is wasted ensuring modernization efforts are delayed for years.

The real challenge isn’t integrating systems. The real challenge is integrating people and processes with a system that has inherent business value. IUI is at your side as we build a solution that is integral to your business. No fluff. No hype. Outstanding Results.