Information Management Program Development

Development of a holistic program for the strategic alignment of tactical data projects, development of an Open Data Strategy or an integration of existing legacy data management programs like Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Quality, SOA or EAI in competency centers in the EIM model. We begin with an information needs assessment followed by a roadmap and program plan in the IUI Incremental Approach.

Program / Center of Excellence Development

Development of programs, typically in the form of competency centers for Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Quality, Open Data or Analytics capabilities. These competency centers form the basis for "As a Service" organizational offerings of optimized capability. This includes all aspects of the program including budget to methodology to quality assurance as well as metrics to continually optimize program performance as it evolves.

Meeting Information Needs – Best practice EIM/BI Solutions

The value of information isn't realized until it is used. IUI's history is building large scale information management solutions to provide access to integrated, accurate, timely and actionable data. Whether it is an enterprise data warehouse, departmental data mart, master data set, meta data repository, open data platform, data quality assessment or any other information solution – IUI has the experience to do it right the first time.

Information Management Hosting

IUI offers customized SaaS hosted solutions for data capabilities that leverage both commercial and FEDRamp-certified architectures. Organizations avoid the large initial capital expense of hardware and licenses to build a solution by using a subscription-based approach. Organizations may choose to move solutions in house once the value proposition is proven. The hosting solution offers both onsite and offsite hosting options.

Program Assessment

Assess existing IM programs against industry best practices for programs not living up to potential or promise. A ranked set of gaps is produced as part of the assessment along with specific recommendations for improvement.