A client relationship is a partnership at IUI. It is our philosophy that only an integrated team approach will produce an effective, sustained solution. The key success factor in building effective decision support systems is developing an understanding of the nuances of your organization. Only an approach focused on partnership will deliver the outstanding results that we deliver.

IUI serves clients in every industry. The information management principles and the basic building blocks of the EIM model remain constant across industries. The building blocks used to apply common, best practice EIM principles are customized for different organizational cultures rather than different industries. Establishing a cultural fit is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome in a successful information management program. It is also one of the most important requirements for long term viability.

IUI consultants have developed information management solutions in companies ranging from non-profit to Fortune 10 including small business, government and international organizations. Our experienced team of consultants brings a wealth of additional varied experience to our engagements. Give us the opportunity to discuss your particular situation and how we can help.

General Electric Energy * NCP Solutions, Inc. * Centers for Medicare and Medicaid * ICF International * EMW, Inc. * Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality * General Electric Transportation * National Science Foundation * ActioNet, Inc. * Riverfront, Inc. * TMG Health, Inc. * Just For Feet * Cigna International * DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer * Jumeirah International * Pepco Holdings Inc. * Fannie Mae * NATO Communications and Information Agency * Workers Compensation Board of Alberta * Northcentral University * DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer * DC Housing Authority * DC-NET Citiwide Communications Network * DC Metropolitan Police Department * Department of Justice

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