About Us


Information Unlimited, Inc. (IUI) is a HUBZone certified business established in 1995. IUI is appraised at CMMI-DEV Level 3, maintains a Top Secret Facility Clearance and uses a DCAA audited accounting system. About Us? - Simple. Data. We are data experts.

IUI began with data management services focused on opportunities presented by the internet, including one of the first online federal tax filing systems. IUI soon moved into the business intelligence arena as large scale data management experience grew. Specializations in customer management programs, data quality and data governance were developed as the sophistication and adoption of businss intelligence and analytics increased. IUI refined process around managing information beyond just decision support and into the operational areas – where good data management begins.

Today IUI specializes in enabling fact based decision making by applying best practice Enterprise Information Management (EIM) principles through the IUI Incremental Approach – a set of best practice methodology components customized for each client. One key differentiator in IUI’s success is that we share experience by conforming industry best practices to our client’s existing organization and process. We don’t drop a book and say this is how it’s done – our results oriented approach is showing by doing. While the EIM concepts and practices are similar, our clients each face challenges unique to their environment. Adopting the cultural change necessary for effective information management requires an understanding of each client and their particular needs.

The IUI approach towards a mature EIM program begins with establishing information as an asset, the value of which may be grown or diminished dependent upon how it is managed. An EIM Governance Model is implemented to recognize, leverage and grow the value of the information asset. The EIM Model is a set of best practices for managing the information asset with six primary components as depicted in the figure below.

The application of these six components is unique for every client. All six components are necessary for any mature program; however, the right mix of these components varies based upon factors including ranking on the data maturity model and external business influences like market pressures, regulatory compliance or economic conditions.

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